Project Deliverables

WP1 - Fundamental theory and emerging RadioSense technologies

D 1.1: Technical Report
Fresnel reflection and diffraction model. To reveal principles for wireless sensing:

  • reflection model for time-varying environments with complex multipath and multi-targets;
  • diffraction model for multi-target and multi-path effects.

D 1.2 a,b,c: Technical Report
Sensing algorithms tools. Including signal separation algorithm, signal segmentation algorithm, and speed and orientation estimation algorithm with the corresponding technique description.

D 1.3: Demonstration
Deployment of RF system for theory validation. Supports at least 3 different sensing applications (e.g., human positioning, physiological monitoring, and activity detection).

WP2 - Enabling functions for HRC workspaces

D 2.1: Technical Report
Multi-subject device-free subject tracking. For 10 subjects:algorithm with localization error of at most 5cm 4x4m).

D 2.2: Technical Report
Multi-antenna and multi-device based 3D gesture recognition and control system. 2cm localization accuracy and for up to 10 gestures.

D 2.3: Technical Report
Safety functions. Flexible foreground and background subtraction technique with at most 100ms reaction time.

WP 3 - Cloud Platform for Big-Data processing

D 3.1a,b: Technical Report
RadioSense system architecture and specification. Builds upon an initial analysis of project requirements (D3.1a) as well as existing state of the art to provide a detailed specification of the RadioSense platform (D3.1b).

D 3.2a,b: Technical Report
RadioSense CSI data models. D3.2a contains the models for CSI data and metadata description; D3.2b provides an updated version of D3.2a built from experiments.

D 3.3: Technical Report
Deployed RadioSense cloud infrastructure inside the testing plant. Description of the SW infrastructure installed in the testing plant to allow for use case deployments. Contains necessary amendmends to D4.2 after the tests in the pilot plant and final design choices.

WP 4 - Technology validation in HRC environment

D 4.1: Technical Report
Technology transfer for validation and description of the general system constraints.

D.2: Technical Report
Hardware and software interfaces for cloud platform and validation in HRC environment. Contains first selection of HW-SW components for validation, links with the following D3.3 (M24) for finalized choices/designs.

D 4.3: Technical Report and Prototype
HRC functions validation in the pilot plant environment. Describes the validation results for HRC tools validation (localization, control, safety functions) and adopts the RadioSense platform specified in D3.3. Describes also the published data-sets in the website.

WP 5 - Project management and Dissemination

D 5.1: Consortium Agreement and Webpage

D 5.2a,b: Periodic Reports

D 5.3b: Constitutes a white paper with finalized project results, a roadmap to TRL >5, integration and IP analysis