Our main objectives
  1. Device-free Localization: Develop new radio sensing theory for multi-subject tracking and utilize multi-antenna massive MIMO, beamforming and high-frequency devices (1-5GHz up to sub-THz bands) to track activities of multiple moving subjects in dynamic scenarios.

  2. Device-free Gesture-based Control: Human-robot interaction by in-air gesture recognition from heterogeneous multi-antenna CSI streams and machine-attached sensors.

  3. Device-free Safety Guarantee: Identify behavior and motion that compromises worker safety in dynamic workspaces; develop adaptive learning, to address environmental and human behaviour changes and to isolate irrelevant interference sources; aggregate CSI data with other sensors; propose a cloud-IoT platform.

  4. Proof-of-concept cloud-IoT Platform: Showcase the RadioSense concept, verify/validate the major functionalities and enabling technologies for future device-free human activity monitoring in the CNR Re/De-Manufacturing pilot plant.