Rainhard Findling portrait Rainhard Dieter Findling
Former Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Ambient Intelligence Group
Department of Communications and Networking
School of Electrical Engineering
Aalto University, Finland
E-Mail: rainhard.findling@aalto.fi
Linkedin | Google Scholar | ResearchGate

Rainhard’s focus areas are the machine learning and data analysis parts of using mobile devices/mobile device sensor data to solve problems in mobile environments. Those range from e.g. mobile security and (biometric) authentication over recognition of mobile activities, behavior, or other types of patterns such as location fingerprinting to supporting users in different tasks - and to a number of further interesting topics.

Details on the Hide My Gaze! project can be found on the Hide My Gaze! page.

Rainhard’s background: Rainhard was a postdoctoral researcher in the Ambient Intelligence Group 2017-2019, at Aalto University, Finland, in the Department of Communications and Networking, at the School of Electrical Engineering. Before that he has been with the Institute of Networks and Security at the JKU Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, from which he received his Dr. techn. degree in Computer Science in 2017, and with the Department of Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg, from which he received his BSc and MSc degrees in Engineering in 2011 and 2013.