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Updated on Oct 09, 2019
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  2020 (2)
3D head motion detection using millimeter-wave Doppler radar. Raja, M.; Hughes, A.; Xu, Y.; Zarei, P.; Michelson, D. G.; and Sigg, S. IEEE Access. 2020.
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Beamsteering for training-free Recognition of Multiple Humans Performing Distinct Activities. Palipana, S.; and Sigg, S. In 18th Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) , 2020.
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  2019 (9)
Extracting Human Context through Receiver-end Beamforming. Palipana, S.; and Sigg, S. IEEE Access. 2019.
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Receiver-Side Beamforming to Isolate Channel Perturbations from a Human Target in a Device-Free Setting. Palipana, S.; and Sigg, S. In Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings, Cities and Transportation (Buildsys) (adjunct), 2019.
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Capturing human-machine interaction events from radio sensors in Industry 4.0 environments. Sigg, S.; Palipana, S.; Savazzi, S.; and Kianoush, S. In International Conference on Business Process Management (adjunct), 2019.
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On the use of stray wireless signals for sensing: a look beyond 5G for the next generation industry. Savazzi, S.; Sigg, S.; Vicentini, F.; Kianoush, S.; and Findling, R. IEEE Computer, SI on on Transformative Computing and Communication, 52(7): 25-36. 2019.
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Wireless Multi-frequency Feature Set to Simplify Human 3D Pose Estimation. Raja, M.; Hughes, A.; Xu, Y.; zarei , P.; Michelson, D. G.; and Sigg, S. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation letters, 18(5): 876-880. 2019.
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Passive Detection and Discrimination of Body Movements in the sub-THz Band: A Case Study. Kianoush, S.; Savazzi, S.; and Rampa, V. In Proc. of International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2019. IEEE
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Motion discrimination by ambient cellular signals: machine learning and computing tools. Savazzi, S.; Brondolin, R.; Rampa, V.; Santambrogio, M.; and Spagnolini, U. In Proc. of 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), 2019. IEEE
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Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas for Passive Motion Detection: WiFi Test-Bed and First Studies. Savazzi, S.; Rampa, V.; Kianoush, S.; and Piazza, D In Proc. of International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communication (PIMRC), 2019. IEEE
People Counting by Dense WiFi MIMO Networks: Channel Features and Machine Learning Algorithms. Kianoush, S.; Savazzi, S.; Rampa, V.; and Nicoli, M. MDPI Sensors, 19(16). 2019.
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